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The return of the Mamluks: How the military walks on the footsteps of Egypt’s most famous dynasty

I wrote a small piece on Egypt’s military return to power for the Palestine Chronicle. You can read it here or stay on this post if you want to explore some in-depth details (to do so click on the underlined links) ♦♦♦♦ Cairo. The rumour spread quickly throughout the streets of the city. It is now … Continue reading

Between Taza and Gaza: Morocco’s foreign policy doctrine at a crossroads

I wrote for The Majalla Magazine an analysis of the meaning of Morocco’s apparent return on the diplomatic arena after the convening of the 20th Al Quds Committee in Marrakech in January. You can read the piece here or continue below. ♦♦♦♦ Two weeks ago, Marrakesh hosted the 20th Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Committee of the Organization … Continue reading

Don’t turn Yemen into a new Cambodia

One of the debates rekindled by the Arab Spring and its wave of unrest is the solidity and even the concept of the Arab State. In an article for Foreign Policy, Aaron David Miller argues that the Arab Spring essentially exposed the limits of state building in the Arab world, that the societies in these … Continue reading

The coming Venture Capital Revolution in the MENA region: How the Arab Spring might be a good thing for SMEs and entrepreneurs

Virtualy every observer agrees on the fact that it may be too soon to assess the political and social impacts of the “Arab Spring”. On the economic level, the downturn affecting the “revolutionary” states if not the whole region sounds like a bad omen. Two years after its revolution, Tunisia is still struggling with an … Continue reading

A look in the rear-view mirror

I wrote an article on Morocco’s growing external debt for the Majalla Magazine. You can read it here or continue in this post. The former king Hassan II of Morocco used to say he was lucky to be the leader of a very ancient country with a rich and long history. Indeed, according to the … Continue reading

Reviving the Maghreb Union: Moving towards regional integration in North Africa

I have written for the Majalla Magazine an analysis on the efforts towards regional integration in the Maghreb region. I try to understantd the failures of the Arab Maghreb Union in the context of the regional system and the mechanisms behind a successful regional integration. You can read the full article here (Will update the … Continue reading

The Other Shore: Morocco and its African neighbors

I’ve written a small piece for the Majalla magazine that explores Morocco’s rediscovery of its ties with Africa. Some 400 years ago, the sultan of Morocco, Ahmad Al-Mansour, became increasingly aware of Spanish control and influence over the Mediterranean. He decided to launch a bold expedition southwards to conquer the Songhai Empire in what is … Continue reading

Debunking the mainstream narratives on Syria’s uprising

This past month, Syrians marked the two-year anniversary of the start of their uprising. What started as peaceful demonstrations quickly turned into a messy and bloody civil war. Syria gradually descended into chaos and self destruction and there is a growing sense of despair and wariness regarding the future. Daily footage of entire neighbourhoods destroyed, … Continue reading

The real education problem in the Arab world

I recently had a discussion with a friend over an article written by the Economist arguing that we might be witnessing a scientific renewal in the Islamic world. I have a problem with the way the article refers to the “Islamic world” as if it was a cohesive bloc or entity. Indeed what are the … Continue reading

On the need for an Economic Spring in the Arab world

Virtually every specialist agrees on the fact that it may be too soon to assess the political impact of the so called “Arab Spring”. But for the economy, the current downturn affecting the “revolutionary” states sounds like a bad omen. Very few seem to believe that the political upheavals are a good thing for the … Continue reading